Time lapses of the SF Bay area

cloudy-peir-port-oaklandGreat moments pass us bye so often I seem to not even notice but when I have my camera I can stop time and travel to that moment when I look at the pictures now you can too ! Here’s a moment in the Port of Oakland with only 1 hour of light left I was able to capture time and a passing storm using a 5d canon camera and a timer to catch a passing storm original images are literally 5k resolution

thanks to miracle of the digital nle you can view this and time travel !


complicated banana cornmeal waffles

coconut cornmeal banana
coconut cornmeal banana

Thought id cook up some imagination …

complicated waffles
4 table spoons coconut cream est.
2 tablespoons honey est.
1 Banana
1 cup corn meal/cake flour 50/50%
table spoon baking soda
3 eggs
warmed metal bowl

melt coconut cream butter and honey together make 1 cup liquid

separate 3 eggs yolks blend with chopped banana
whip egg whites separately until whipped!

mix  , coconut, butter, honey mixture into banana with egg yolks…blend

measure 1/2 cup corn meal and 1/2 cup cake flour,  baking soda  add to banana mix

now fold egg whites and banana batter together…

butter your grill and time about 6 min for medium sized waffles

coconut cream is not coconut milk! <~

Portrait of a library

I do photo work and volunteer time to the oldest library on this side of the United States, The Mechanic’s Institute in San Francisco. Today I’m the portrait photographer for the staff.
Armed with a Yongnuo flash and the mighty Canon 5d mkiii
I’ll test my portrait skills in a close confined space, but those are breaks when you volunteer. But hey I got  a Super Duper burger for my efforts!
Above is the spiral staircase  inside the library building.

mechanic instatute sf.This is one of today’s portraits. Hopefully the editor will choose great pics!
To follow up go to their site!! http://www.milibrary.org/

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