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Mike D Video/photo
port of Oakland time lapse frame

Time lapses of the SF Bay area

Great moments pass us bye so often I seem to not even notice but when I have my camera I...

coconut cornmeal banana

complicated banana cornmeal waffles

Thought id cook up some imagination … complicated waffles 4 table spoons coconut cream est. 2 tablespoons honey est. 1...

wtf frame

new projects WTF vids

The Wtf? foodie trailor   More things to work on  cornbread the movie      


gear lust

more soon! DJI PHANTOM some real fun !   Picked up a Cinemover Plus online a low cost solution to...

Mechanics Instatute

Portrait of a library

I do photo work and volunteer time to the oldest library on this side of the United States, The Mechanic’s...

me and buddie greg from la testing out the hero3 cam and the chest mount

Hero 3 and chesty mount!

GoPro  Hero3 and chesty at skate park..Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects combined to create an experience set to HipHop



Recent Photoshop projects piling out for fun with friends clik to view!   

tikal sunrise tour

Mike D Video adventure imaging…Central American photo tour

   recent adventure tour thru Central America More soon! See This!       

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