complicated banana cornmeal waffles

coconut cornmeal banana

coconut cornmeal banana

Thought id cook up some imagination …

complicated waffles
4 table spoons coconut cream est.
2 tablespoons honey est.
1 Banana
1 cup corn meal/cake flour 50/50%
table spoon baking soda
3 eggs
warmed metal bowl

melt coconut cream butter and honey together make 1 cup liquid

separate 3 eggs yolks blend with chopped banana
whip egg whites separately until whipped!

mix  , coconut, butter, honey mixture into banana with egg yolks…blend

measure 1/2 cup corn meal and 1/2 cup cake flour,  baking soda  add to banana mix

now fold egg whites and banana batter together…

butter your grill and time about 6 min for medium sized waffles

coconut cream is not coconut milk! <~

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